Luxity Media is one of Australia's most engaging and fastest growing new media companies. We build highly engaged male skewed audiences across Australia, reaching over half a million young men across the country, every month.

With more than 28,000,000 impressions a month, and the largest social following in the space, with 1,800% more total interactions than their closest competitors, Luxity Media offers brands unprecedented access to Gen Y Australian males aged 18-44.

Working with global and national brands such as TAG Heuer, American Express, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Johnnie Walker, and Jaguar Land Rover, Luxity Media specialises in the production of compelling native and social content supported by high engagement distribution.

With publications Boss Hunting, The Versatile Gent, The Good Flight and All The Young Dads continuing to build independent identities and experiences, Luxity Media offers brands and media agencies the ability to publish and share original content across multiple channels, within the same campaign, executing on budgets more efficiently to deliver unbeatable ROI for clients.