With over 6 years of experience in the lifestyle and social media industry, Luxity Media has established itself as a leading voice on both the production and distribution sides of the market. We take this expertise and act as a completely independent production and marketing agency offering the following services:


Social Media Management

Channel Management - we will create and manage your social media accounts.

Audience development - we will help you grow a loyal audience.

Engagement - we will create tailored content to engage your audience.


Content Production

Photo - we have teams worldwide ready to produce your next lookbook, styling shoot, editorial and more.

Video - our video team can shoot your next travel clip, video lookbook, BTS clips and more.



Media Relations - we will help give your product credibility by working with the right media outlets.

Meaningful product placement - we will connect you with relevant influencers to give your product visibility in an appropriate context.

Brand identity - we will help you build a clear and reputable brand identity.


Influencer Marketing

Calling on our extensive network of trend informers and industry influencers, we can help your brand to integrate with a contemporary audience in a way that feels completely natural and authentic. We can even help craft bespoke narratives to share the story of your product with the rest of the world.